Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vote for the best Paragraph.

I have written 2 introduction paragraphs for my Easter Holiday. Please comment below and vote for which one is best and why.

Saying good bye to my Nana was just so sad. I didn’t say anything I quickly ran to my Nana and whisper in her ear and told her I loved her. I didn’t want her to go because she was my best Nana I ever had as I hugged her I could feel one tear in my eyes coming down. I sadly asked her where is she going she said she was going to Rarotonga for the reunion.

Watching my Nana walking though the door and getting on the plane some of my family were crying but me I was the worst I kept on crying. Once the plane took off it was time for us to go as I was in the car I looked though the window. My mum told me do you want to eat fish and chips I said nothing I kept my mouth shut.

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  1. Hi Maru,
    you have a really thought full paragraph I really like the paragraph I really enjoy is when you were watching your Nana when she was walking through the door to get on the plane.


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