Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The new makeover

Unfortunately, Room 17 needs a makeover for the courtyard. There are many reasons for this, the fields are closed and it seems to be all crowded. It is disgusting and it is not a enticing place and its just a waste the courtyard hasn't been used. We really need to convince the builders we need our courtyard to be a better play area immediately.!!

This is important we need our play area to be a better place to play in, so we can entice kids to come in. We want kids to play in our courtyard because if the fields are closed they can use our own remake over courtyard.

I feel sympathise for the courtyard because it is revolting and hideous. Especially the drinking fountain and the cracks on the concrete just really horrible. We are defiantly going to make our play area recovered. So it can be fun for other kids to play in and even though if the fields are closed the kids can use our courtyard for more space.

We have been talking about how can we save up money for the things we want in our courtyard. We had a plan we decided to make cupcakes so if kids wants some they have to pay a gold coin. We set our tables and cupcakes in the breeze as we looked at the cupcakes it made us hungry we wanted some. So miss Garden gave each of us two dollars for the cupcakes mm mm yum I couldn’t wait to eat them.