Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Soap Box Derby

Today is Sunday the day has finally arrived the PES kids had to be at Stonefied where the netball courts are. I was so exicited I couldn't wait. Once I got there with my family it took a while for me to look for Mr Jacobson as I saw Mr jacobson he gave me a brad new t-shrit. When I turned around I saw a new preson it was a woman she was a nice lady she told me her name it was Mrs J. As every one was here the race had started.

The race finally begins I was the first racer I had to vs the other kids from a different school. It looked like I was nervous about I won't be able to win this race as I hopped into the car I was really scared. My heart was beating super fast its like I'm going to explode like a volcano I wasn't ready. But then I heard something I heard the cheer crew cheering for me suddenly I was happy and I could win the race.

Racing down the road all I could feel was the wind blowing my hair like a hair dryer I could also hear that whistling noise inside my ear. Going to the finished line I recognised that I came first I jumped out of the car and ran to Mr Jacobson and said I came first. He was really proud of me and he gave me a hi 5 on the hand. So my parents came to me and give me a big hug they said you did really good I smiled.

At prize giving the man gave us a trophy for the best pit crew then it went to the other school we I didn't hear our school win but we tried our best. We all went to the van to get dressed I was steal to the man that was on the microphone but what actually happened was I heard the man said the fastest driver in each team go to Mary from Pt England . School then we think we said there's no Mary then they said sorry its Maru Mehau I was surprised me and Mr J ran to get my trophy my dad ran to take a picture of me and Mr J I was really happy what I did.

Whats a Unicorn?

The unicorn was white, and it had a long horn in front of its head.
It looked like a horse that lived in India. But there was no such thing as this animal.
The unicorn got mixed up with the rhinoceros. Because the Greek man was supposed to draw a rhinoceros but then it ended up like a horse.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Tree Hut Treaty

I read a book called Tree Hut Treaty.

I felt curious when the new neighbours came, because I don't know if they are going to be good neighbours. I felt indignant when the tree hut was so popular there weren't enough kids to go inside because it was to small. I felt anxious when Jack Manaia Crystal and Tia were going to make a tree hut treaty and everything was just fine also they don't have to fright again.