Friday, April 8, 2011

My Pt England Flag

Hi My name is Maru I chose hope because I think it will be good for my design. I painted brown for my mountain and the nice green grass for green. I chose blue for my lake I was thinking if I could paint green for my background but a different green. Once I’m done I got a pastel and colour in a nice dark green but on the top and the bottom bit.

I had to colour it in a bit thick. Also in the middle of my hope but out side on the out line I colour it in the same colour. I was a bit unsure that my work wouldn’t be good for Miss M I was nervous I may not make Miss M proud so I put a bit effort on my work. So I finished and gave my work to Miss M to show if I did good, she said it was fantastic. Then we had to put it on the wall to show the lovely visitors what we did in room seventeen.

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